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IMAGE: Evergreen Line Tunnel, Coquitlam, BC, 2015
EDI Moment Library

What is an EDI Moment?

Most TAC members will be familiar with Safety Moments - a brief talk at the start of a meeting to review a specific safety topic. Safety moments have proven key over the past years to effective safety leadership by establishing a consistent and regular conversation about safety. EDI moments share the same purpose; to bring EDI topics into consistent part of our conversation and promote a culture of not only physical safety but intellectual safety.

EDI Moment Examples

The TAC EDI Task Force has developed a series of EDI Moments for your use and adaptation. If there are other topics you would like to see included, please email edi@tunnelcanada.ca.

Allyship & Being an Ally
Humility and Respect
Indigenous Peoples of Canada
Land Acknowledgements
Unconscious Bias
Diverse Holiday Celebrations
Universal Accessibility

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