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Association canadienne des tunnels
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IMAGE: Evergreen Line Tunnel, Coquitlam, BC, 2015
Mission / Goals

The Tunnelling Association of Canada (commonly abbreviated to TAC) is under the umbrella of the International Tunnelling Association (referred to as the ITA).

The objectives of TAC are as follows:

  1. To promote and advance Canadian tunnelling and underground excavation technologies, and safe design, construction and maintenance;
  2. To facilitate the exchange of information on related activities and technical developments;
  3. To represent the interests of the tunnelling and underground excavation community in matters of technical and public concerns;
  4. To encourage the development and use of subsurface space;
  5. To act as an intermediary body between ITA and those individuals and organizations in Canada who are interested in tunnels and underground excavations;
  6. To disseminate throughout Canada the news of the activities of ITA and the technical information available as a result of those activities;
  7. To maintain and publish a Canadian Register of tunnels, under ground excavations and similar works.

Tunnelling Association of Canada
Association canadienne des tunnels
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